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Maramae Sphynx Presents: Healthy, Naked, Loving, and "Sometimes Fuzzy" Sphynx


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Sphynx The Hairless Cat

Sphynx are very intelligent, talkative, and loving cats. They are often described as "Velcro" kitties because of their persistance to follow you around and desire to sit on your lap or shoulders. They are extremely demonstrative and love to cuddle. They must be in the company of their people and/or in the company of other pets. Sphynx do not do well being left alone. This breed an aquired taste for many people. Peoples love for the Sphynx usually occurs when they experience their wonderful personality or touch their warm soft skin. For others Sphynx are an instant fasination, love, and addiction.

The Sphynx live up to their open eyed, intelligent, friendly expression. They are very smart cats and extremely affectionate. They are energetic, silly, and playful. They love to be the center of attention, and they don’t mind keeping your feet warm with their extra warm temperature. They love everyone, including dogs and other cats. They have themselves been described as “part monkey, part dog, part child.” 


 We had a couple come to our home to pick up their new kitten. The husband had said to me "I DON'T LIKE CATS but my Wife wants a Sphynx Kitten as her Christmas present." He sat on our couch and immediately had two adults and three kittens get in his lap, on his shoulder, and curl up on his chest. Now after meeting the kittens they were no longer sure who they wanted to take home. The wife was sure of her decision, but the husband had been so won over by the Sphynx that he had his favorite too!!!!! LOL

  The couple stayed visiting for quite sometime, so I showed her how to bath, clean and clip nails, and care for their ears.  By the end of their visit they took two kittens home. The husband took his favorite kitten too !!!!  So much for the "I don't like cats"  theory.   LOL

 Hers   "N"    His





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